Obama approval at all-time low: imagine how low it would be if
the mainstream media actually did their job
By: Todd Kinsey
Wednesday, July 21, 2010
As the president’s approval rating continues to plummet nearly as fast as BP’s stock, he is fortunate
that it is not lower than it is. In the new
Quinnipiac he has -4 spread in his approval rating and would
lose to any republican in the 2012 if the election were held today.

You would think this would be front page news because we were bombarded by the mainstream
media with how poorly President Bush was doing in his second term. Of course a quick search of all
the mainstream media’s web sites (CNN, MSNBC, CBS, and ABC) resulted in not one mention of the
president’s dismal ratings. Nearly all of them have
Lindsay Lohan on the front page, a couple have the
story about a
whale jumping from the water and landing on a boat, and of course they are still on top of
Mel Gibson story but not the Black Panthers.

Were it not for the all of these outlets championing Obama’s agenda, telling us how great his agenda
is for America regardless of whether or not that it is actually true, his approval ratings would probably
be as poor as Congress’. Let’s think about this for a minute; if Congress has not taken the time to read
the legislation that they are trying to pass, how can the media tell you whether it is actually good for our
country? Of course we know that the answer is that they are the complicit propaganda arm of the
Democrat Party.

There is no objectivity to what they report. They have an agenda that they want to support and unless
that story fits the narrative they will not report it. In light of the recent evidence from the
Daily Caller
proving that there is a concerted effort by mainstream media outlets to collude, and cover up the
Jeremiah Wright story in 2008, I think we should once and for all admit that there is a liberal media and
a conservative media, period.

They also know that there is only a small portion of the population that is engaged on either side and
that’s why they feed us so much drivel. Like the president telling us that
information is a distraction and
some of it “doesn't rate very high on the truth meter.” Well there’s the pot calling the kettle black coming
from the
president who tells so many lies there’s little wonder his eyes are brown.

There’s a concerted effort by the administration and their allies in the liberal media to distract America
from what they’re doing. If that doesn't work then they know that they have to smear the opposition and
isolate us so that the distracted sheeple won’t want to affiliate themselves with the opposition.

Fortunately there is Fox News and they air more than their fair share of intellectual garbage. We also
have talk radio which the left has been trying to silence for years but more importantly, we have the
blogosphere, which is now in the crosshairs of the left and the FCC.

Imagine how low the president’s approval ratings would be if the liberal media actually held the
president’s feet to the fire over the failure of the stimulus bill, the unemployment rate, the absolute
travesty that is the healthcare bill, the nationalization of banks and the auto industry, the unprecedented
grab at power that is the Financial Reform Bill, and would report the facts of the American Power Act.

Imagine what they would be if they did some digging into the Black Panther case and the other failures
of Eric Holder and the Department of Justice. Have you heard one mention from them about Holder,
his firm, and the numerous lawyers now working for the DOJ who have represented terrorists at Gitmo
who are now charged with prosecuting these cases?

No, and you won’t because they are not the objective journalists they purport themselves to be and any
claim they make to the contrary is futile because it just ain't so.

See you in the trenches…


Todd Kinsey is leading the conservative revolution to defend the Constitution, protect liberty, and defeat
liberalism. He is a proud veteran of the US Army, serves as the President of the Galveston County Young
Republicans, is active in the Republican Network, the Galveston County Republican Party, and the Clear Lake
Republicans. He is also contributing writer to The GOP Journal, The Examiner.com and The Coastal
Conservative. Todd has appeared on several radio talk shows and publishes his own website:
com. He is also an active member of the community where he has coached several championship baseball teams
but most importantly, Todd is a devoted husband and the proud father of two teenage sons.

To arrange guest appearances or speaking engagements, you can contact him by email:
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