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I often wonder why people ever fawned over the supposedly erudite President Obama. Everyone talks about how intelligent and well spoken he is,
however, without his trusty teleprompter - Obama is stuttering, stammering, uh machine.

The president is such a slave to his “idiot boards,” as former
Vice President Walter Mondale recently called them that he had to use teleprompters
to speak to a group of elementary school kids.

There are countless videos on
Youtube that show how poorly the president speaks without his teleprompter. There is the speech he gave in
Bristol, Virginia where he is trying to sell the Obama Care Plan and he can barely put together a coherent sentence when he strays from the
lectern. My favorite though is a forty-one minute speech the president gave in Aman, Jordan where he hemmed and hawed for nearly eight
minutes of that speech.

Liberals love to think that they are the smartest people in the room with their haughty degrees from Ivy League Schools but what that really means
is that, like Matt Damon said in Good Will Hunting, “they spent a hundred and fifty grand on an education that they could have got for a buck fifty in
late charges at the public library.”

President Obama is the poster boy for this crowd. The pundits built him up to be nothing short of the Messiah when the fact of the matter is that
Obama is skilled at reading aloud. While I am sure this is great for his daughters at bed time, perhaps he would have been a better news anchor
than President of the United States.

“How do you like them apples?”
Obama is a slave to his "idiot boards"
By: Todd Kinsey
Wednesday - October 6, 2010
Todd Kinsey
Todd Kinsey is leading the conservative revolution to defend the Constitution, protect liberty,
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Galveston County Young Republicans, is active in the Republican Network, the Galveston
County Republican Party, The Clear Lake Republicans, and the JROTC. He is also
contributing writer to The GOP Journal, The and The Coastal Conservative.
Todd has appeared on several radio talk shows and publishes his own website: He is also an active member of the community where he has
coached several championship baseball teams but most importantly, Todd is a devoted
husband and the proud father of two teenage sons.

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